First thing to learn before stitching is pattern . Pattern is a revision like before you could move onto the real cloth.

* pattern is a paper work.
* pattern is a pictorical representation of our dress.
* pattern will help you to stitch dresses with accurate measurements and also to avoid mistakes. Beginers must use patters before cutting clothes directly.

* Ur dress is divided into four parts.
* front left, front right , back left and back right.
* Its enough for a pattern to draw only one part that is front left or front right. With that pattern we can use it to model the entire dress.

* This is a normal skirt . Before stitching the skirt, first we have to draw pattern using news paper or chart.
* Next im gonna divide the model skirt into two as only one part is required to draw pattern.

* You can see the divided part of the skirt , this part alone is enough to model the entire dress.
* Use all the measurements and draw the pattern after that take the cloth to be stitched.
* First fold the cloth breadthwise then lengthwise, so that the cloth has to be folded 2 times.
* Then keep the pattern on the cloth and mark the edges with marking chock.
* Then you can cut the cloth and unfold them . You'll able to see the front and back side piece.
* All you have to do is join them using stitches.
* So with one part of the pattern we are able to get the whole cloth stitched.