Now let us see how to stitch a churidar like the above. Stitching a chudithar top is easy . Accurate measurements , some practice will help you to stitch anything well.

The above is the stitching pattern for the churidar , I've given the readymade measurement for the above .


* full length = 105 cm
* Narrow waist = 39 cm
* Bust level = 25.5 cm
* shoulder = 38 cm
* chest = 92 cm
* Waist = 72 cm
* Hip = 100 cm
* sleve legth = 25 cm

measurements according to the diagram

* 1-2 = full length + 3 cm = 108 cm
* 1-6 = arm hole = (chest/4)-2.5 = (92/4)-2.5 = 20.5 cm
* 6-7 = chest loose = (chest/4)+2.5 = 25.5 cm
* 1-10 = narrow waist = 39 cm
* 2-11 = bottom = (chest/4)+10=33 cm
* 1-3 = neck breadth = chest/12 = 7.6 cm
* 1-5 = front neck = chest/8 = 11.5 cm
* u can keep the same length for back neck else back neck = chest/12 = 7.6 cm
* 3-8 = shoulder = shoulder/2=38/2 = 19 cm

Now using the below pics you can have an idea how to stitch a churidar top. Using the stitching pattern i've drawn the pattern on a chart. If your gonna stitch in your measurement , take your churidar and measure it with a inch tape and draw the stitching pattern.

First take the cloth, fold it breadthwise first , next fold it lengthwise . After that you can place the stitching pattern and mark the edges using marking chalk. The material i've used has a lining material too so first im gonna cut the lining material then the outer material. Beginers never cut both materials together.

After cutting the lining material , next im gonna cut the outer material. Be carefull that you dont disturb the cloth. Then cut the outer material.

Next join the front pieces and back pieces by stitching them throughout the edges. Next you will have seperate front and back piece. Next stitch the neck part using crosspiece or lining using extra cloth. Next stitch the shoulders of both piece together.

Next cut the sleeve part, here i have used 3/4th sleeve and have taken only the outer part so that it will be transparent. Stitch the sleeves to the armhole. Next join the left and right sides of churidar. Fold and stitch the openings below hip.

After the sleeves are attached the final outcome , the churidar is ready.