This is a flard skirt. Its simple and easy to stitch. Now lets see how to stitch a skirt like the below one.

The stitching pattern for the flard skirt is drawn . Im gonna give you the readymade measurement. You can use your measurement using inch tape.

  • waist = 50 cm
  • skirt length = 25 cm
  • a-b = waist/4 = 12.5 cm
  • b-d = skirt length + 1.5 = 26.5 cm
  • a-d & d-e = 12.5 + 26.5 = 39 cm
  • b-f = waist / 4 = 12.5 cm

Using the above readymade measurement we can stitch a flard skirt. Now lets see how to stitch a real time skirt. Take the cloth to be stitched. First fold the cloth breadthwise next lengthwise like the one shown below.

Next draw the stitching pattern using the measurements given above or your own. Place it on the cloth to be stitched. Mark the edges using a marking chalk. Then cut them carefully without disturbing them.

After you cut the cloth , you get seperate two pieces (front and back) . First fold the bottom and stitch them , next join one side of the skirt. Next cut a small belt like the one below. This part has to be attached to the waist part.

After you attach the belt to the waist part , stitch and join the other side of the skirt. Leave a small opening for the hooks to be stitched. Thats it your skirt and is ready like the one below.