This is a chudithar pant or salwar that we are gonna learn to stitch. Stitching a pant is easy.
Now let us see the stitching pattern for a chudithar pant(salwar). I have given the readymade measurement. You can try with your own measurement using a sample pant and a inch tape.

  • full length = 100 cm
  • hip = 100 cm
  • bottom = 38 cm
  • a-b = full length = full length - bottom piece = 100 - 4 = 96 cm
  • a -c = (hip/4)-5 = 20 cm
  • b-g = hip/6 = 100/6 = 16.6 cm
  • e-h = (width of cloth/2)-2 = (90/2)-2 = 43 cm
  • h-i = (hip/3)+5 = 20 cm
  • a-f & c-d = (hip/4)-8 = (100/4)-8 = 33 cm
Using the above measurement draw the stitching pattern. Next take the cloth to be stitched. First fold the cloth breadthwise next lengthwise as shown below.

First you have to cut the c-b part , verify the the stitching pattern diagram above. Next keep the stitching pattern and mark the edges of the stitching pattern using marking chalk. Then carefully cut the cloth without disturbing it.

Next fold and stitch the bottom part and then you can join the edges along the side till the end . Do this to both the leg pieces as shown in the figure. Stitch and join the two legs . Keep some gatherings along the waist as shown in the figure. Keep some gatherings so that the c-h part is equal to c-d part , verify the stitching pattern diagram above.

Next cut the a-c part . In the a-c part stitch a small loop for the thread to pass inside the pant , which is usefull to tie the pant. Now attach the c-b part to the a-c part ,verify the stitching pattern above. Stitch them properly so that both diameter becomes equal.

After you stitch them , the complete salwar is ready.