This is a top with a collar. Now lets see how to stitch this top with collar. Now wearing a top with collar is highly is highley like by girls, as it can be matched to any bottom or any kind of jean.

Now take the cloth to be stitched. Just take your own top that fits you well and use an inch tape to measure the model top. The cloth to be stitched should be folded breadthwise first next fold it lengthwise like the below. You can also draw a stitching pattern to get a clear idea.

Next take measurements from the model top and mark them on the cloth using marking chalk. Remember when you want to stitch a collar to a top, you should not cut the back neck. You can only cut the front neck to your desired shape. Here in this cloth i have marked a simple round neck in the front part. Here the length of the cloth is only till waist as it is a top. After marking the cloth, cut the cloth along the markings carefully. The cloth is cut as shown below.

Next the stitching can be done, first stitch the shoulders . Then if you wish attach the sleeves else sleeveless. Then fold and stitch the bottom. Next stitch and join the sides. Always remember the collar can be stitched last.

Next we can see how to stitch a collar. First measure the length of the neck for attaching the collar. Length varies based on the needs of each person. You can keep a collar around the whole neck else to different length as shown in the diagram.

Then take the cloth to the length of the collar to be stitched. First fold the cloth breadthwise then lengthwise and cut the cloth like the one below. Next stitch along the closed side of the collar as shown in the figure and then turn it upside down so that the stitches goes inside the collar. The open side of the collar are to be stitched to the top. First stitch the centre of collar to the center of the neck so that you can have equal length of collar to both sides of the neck. Next stitch the whole collar along the neck.

After the collar is attached the top with collar is ready. Try it out.