This is a plain frock . Lets see how to stitch it. I ve given the readymade measurements , You can stitch in your baby's measurement.



The above two is the stitching pattern for plain frock. Draw them in a chart or a news paper


  • chest = 60 cm, waist = 55cm, neck = 25 cm
  • body lenght = 25 cm, full length = 55 cm
  • a-b = body length = 25 cm
  • a-c = arm hole = chest/4 = 60/4 = 15cm
  • c-d = chest loose = (chest/4)+2.5 = 17.5 cm
  • a-e = shoulder = ab/2 = 12.5 cm
  • a-f = neck breadth = chest/12 = 5 cm
  • a-b = skirt length = full length - body length = 30 cm
  • b-d = skirt loose = (chest/2)+15 = 45 cm

Using the body part stitching pattern draw the pattern and then you can place it on the cloth to be stitched. First fold the cloth breadthwise then lengthwise. See that you place the neck part of the pattern to the folded part of the cloth .

Next mark the edges carefully and cut them without disturbing . You will get front part and back part. First stitch and join the shoulders, next on the back part cut the cloth throughout the center for the buttons to be stitched.

Next using cross piece stitch the neck, then stitch and join the sides. Then attach the sleeve if you wish. Next stitch and attach the bottons.

After the body part is over , take the cloth for the skirt part . Draw the stitching pattern for the skirt part . Next fold the cloth breadthwise then lengthwise. Then mark the edges using marking chalk and finally cut them.

First fold and stitch the bottoms then join two sides. Next keep some gatherings as shown in the figure. The diameter of the body waist and skirt waist should be equal. Then if they are equal you can join them together.

After the body part and the skirt part is attached the whole dress is complete.