This is an umbrella cut frock . The name umbrella is because of the umbrella shaped skirt. Now lets see the stitching pattern for it. I've give the readymade measurements. Try your own measurement using inch tape.



  • chest = 60 cm, waist = 55cm, neck = 25 cm
  • body lenght = 25 cm, full length = 60 cm

  • a-b = body length = 25 cm
  • a-c = armhole = chest/4 = 60/4 = 15cm
  • c-d = chest loose = (chest/4)+2.5 = 17.5 cm
  • a-e = shoulder = ab/2 = 12.5 cm
  • a-f = neck breadth = chest/12 = 5 cm


  • A-B & A-C = skirt lenght + (chest/6)= 45 cm
  • a-e & a-f = chest/6 = 10 cm

Using the stitching pattern draw the patterns using paper. First fold the cloth breadthwise then lengthwise, next place the body part stitching pattern and mark the edges and cut them carefully.

Next join the shoulders, then stitch the neck part using cross piece. The next thing to be done is side joints, stitch and join the sides. Cut the center of the back part for the hooks to be stitched.

Next is the body part, keep the pattern on the cloth. The cloth should be folded breadthwise first then lengthwise. In the stitching patter cut and throw the a-e and a-f part and also the part after the big umbrella curve.Next mark the edges and cut them carefully. You can see a umbrella shaped bottom when you unfold the cloth.

Stitch and join the bottom to the front part. Now the umbrella cut frock is ready