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This is a yellow v neck Blouse. The blouse comprises of two parts , the breast part and the waist part.

First stitch the breast part then the waist part. The image below is the back part of the top . You can use your own measurements to stitch the top. To get a clear idea draw a stitching pattern.

Fold the cloth breadthwise first then lengthwise , place the stitching pattern and cut along the edges. I've not cut the back neck , if u wish to have a different neck you can try. Measure and cut the sleeves. I did not attach sleeves , if you wish you can stitch.

This is the front part, I've cut a long v neck . Have a carefull understanding of how to cut and stitch the cloth. Two main darts have been stitched in the front part to get the cone shape to make it comfortable to the breast part.

I've stitched cross piece to the necks. I've stitched contrast white colour cloth to the neck borders so that it looks attractive. Always stitch a contrast neck border. If u want to cut neck of different shapes , you can do it.

The two main darts are optional , if you wish you can have else dont stitch. If you want to have a tight , exact fit breast part then you have to stitch darts. You can stitch three darts for exact cone shape else stitch two darts as shown in the image for you to have a u shape. Nowdays people like only u shape darts.

After you finish the top part, next the bottom part has to be cut. The waist can be a shape of your desired style. I've used a simple flard skirt type , you can use a umbrella cut shape skirt or any other type.

After you cut the skirt , first fold the bottoms of both pieces. Then join both side of the 2 pieces.The next thing is to join two parts . The joining parts of both parts have to be equal else you cannot stitch them properly.

Measure both joining parts , if you find the skirt part bigger than the breast part, stitch the excess part of the skirt equally on both sides.Finally join both pieces and the blouse is ready.

This is the blouse which i've stitched in my measurement. I'm little fat so the blouse looks big . I've stitched it a bit loose. i just took about two hours to stitch this blouse. I took lot of time in stitching the neck parts.

The neck parts are the important finishing part of the dress. They highlight the entire dress, If they aren't stitched well , then the whole dress will collapse. Always take time and stitch the neck part . Be slow in your sewing machine while you stitch the neck part.

My first three dresses which i stitched had horrible neck parts. You need some practice to stitch your necks well. Be happy to stitch your own dress.


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