Kurta is a north Indian costume which matches to any bottom. Let's see how to stitch a kurta.
Now I,ll instruct you how to stitch a kurta like the one below.

The materials required to stitch a kurta are cloth, pattern , scissors, inch tape , marking chalk and paper. Always it is adviced to prepare a stitching pattern before going on to the real cloth to be stitched. You will get an exact idea if you prepare a stitching pattern using paper.

Check the churidar post so that you can get an idea of how to prepare a stitching pattern. Next take the cloth to be stitched. Use inch tape to measure yourself.

First fold the cloth breadthwise then fold lengthwise. Always see to that you mark the neck part to the folded part of the cloth and armhole onto the open sides of the cloth as shown in the diagram.

Mark on the cloth using marking chalk. I have cut only the front neck , a V cut. Now cut the cloth as shown in the figure below.

Next cut the sleeve part . If your not interested in attaching the sleeve then you need not cut the sleeve.

Next join the shoulders , then stitch and join the sleeves. The next thing to be done is to stitch the two sides of the kurta. Check the measurement using a sample kurta and then stitch.

Next fold and stitch the bottom. Finally use cross piece and stitch the neck part. The kurta is finally ready . Try and comment.

Actually the above one is recycled from my old night dress. I just cut it to the desired length and made a kurta out of it. You can also try the same using your own old dresses. If your trying for the first time , at the learning stage , its best to use your own old dresses rather than getting new cloths.

i just took about thirty minutes to finish this kurta. Only for the beginners it takes some hours, as you get experience you fasten yourself. Its an beautiful art to stitch your own dress. Try to think creatively and design your own dresses and stitch them.

If your crazy of stitching your own dress , then you can extend still more to become a fashion designer. Always at all period there's scope for fashion . Becoming a fashion designer needs lots of experience. Pleople should like your design and you should become famous. Once you become famous for your design then you can earn a lot through your designs. You can also do regular courses to become a fashion designer in a well reputed universities.