Now let's see how to stitch a blouse. This is a blouse of a very low neck so that you can wear a t-shirt or any normal shirt inside. For the bottom a jean will fit.

First i've cut the back side of the top like the one below. Fold the cloth breadthwise then lengththwise. Before cutting the cloth , draw the stitching pattern using paper then place them on the cloth and then cut the cloth.

The one below is the front part of the blouse. I've cut a deep neck, you can cut to the length you desire. The stitching pattern has to be drawn for both sides of the blouse seperately.

After the cutting work is over, the necks of both sides have to be stitched. I've stitched a dark violent outline for the front neck. To do this cut a long cloth of 1.5 width , then fold and stitch one side and stitch the other side to the frontside of the front neck.

Then fold the folded part to the inner side of the front neck and stitch it. To stitch the neck part you need practical experience. Stitch the back neck also

I've cut the blouse into two parts, first is the breast part next the waist part. Cut the waist part like a normal skirt. Stitching a skirt like this is easy.

I've cut a normal skirt , but u can stitch a umbrella cut skirt which will be even more nice when attached to the breast part.

Next the two parts have to be attached . Remember the joint diameter of the two parts have to be equal and have to be stitched correctly.

After joining, the blouse is ready. This is a different kind of a blouse , i designed myself. I just thought for some while and designed it. You can also stitch a dream blouse to the shape you desire. First try to visualise , then sketch them on a paper.

See to that you get a clear idea of the dress you want to stitch. I love to stitch my own dress, i learnt stitching after my graduation. Now i stitch to some extend. This helps me to save money and time to some extend . Now i need not go to my tailor and spend money and time.

I use a Singer company's sewing machine (fashion maker) , it really helps me to fast sewing. Stitching my own dress keeps me busy. As i finished my graduation and was without any job, this stitching helped me to keep myself busy.

Im also planning to open a sewing shop in my native place. Well one can earn a lot through sewing shop. All women sew their day to day cloth , so i hope it comes out well. Well those who watch this site , i'll be really happy if you could get some idea. Any queries post a question and if possible comment about the blouse.