A women’s body can be measured based on their body shapes. Inch tape is the major sewing tool used to measure body. Lets see the measurement areas of a women.

1. Breast measurement
2. low breast measurement
3. waist measurement
4. hip measurement
5. full shoulder measurement
6. half shoulder measurement
7. neck measurement
8. sleeve length
9. hand measurement
10. front dress length
11. back dress length

The above measurements are required for a women. Based on the costume, the required body parts can be measured. Now let’s see the measurements needed for particular costumes.

For bra you need to take the following measurements

front body length
breast measurement
waist measurement

For blouse, shirt, tops you need to take measurements like

breast measurement
waist measurement
natural waist length
half shoulder length
sleeve length
front dress length
back dress length

To sew a pant, the measurements required are

leg length
waist measurement
hip measurement
thigh round measurement

Women’s measurement is based on two main parts, the blouse part and the pant part. So the measurements have to be taken exactly according to the parts . The parts required alone must be measured accurately to get a perfect sew. The measurements vary according to the parts of the body. Let’s see how to find body rise to stitch a pant. There are two types in finding the body rise , they are :

Half of the hip measurement is body rise.

i.e , hip measurement = 39 inch = 39/3 = 13 inch
body rise = 13 inch

To stitch a drawer , first the length measurement has to be taken then the person has to sit on a chair. Then measure from waist to knee in the sitting posture. Add 1(1/2) inch.

i.e, hip measurement=36 inch
measurement taken in the sitting posture = 10(1/2)”
additional measurement= 1(1/2)”
so body rise=12inch

Follow the body rise measurement to stitch a comfortable pant.