Let us see how to sew a pant. Sewing a pant is very easy if you know the basic ideas to stitch cloth. Now take a pant that you have and fits you well. We’ll use the sample pant first before stitching with measurement.

Now draw the stitching pattern using the sample pant.
  • A-b = ¼ waist measurement
  • C-d = ¼ hip measurement
  • E-f = ½ leg measurement

Measure your waist, hip and leg else use the sample pant and draw the stitching pattern. Fold the cloth breadthwise then lengthwise ,then place the pattern on the cloth. Mark the edges using the marking chalk. Cut along the marking place.

After you cut along the edges you get the cloth in the shape of the stitching pattern. Unfold the cloth and you can see two separate parts of each leg .Here i've used a bell bottom, you can use a broad or narrow bottom as per your wish. Next thing to be done is to join the open sides of the pant. Next join the two parts of the pant. Stitch a small loop in the waist for the thread to pass. That’s all simple easy pant is ready.