This is the new churidar I stitched. This is a normal churidar but I've cut the churidar into two parts and again joined them. Now measure from the beginning of the shoulder till 13th inch. Cut at the 13th inch horizontally so that you get two different parts, the breast part and the part below breast. [Take a look at the older churidar & salwar post to have a complete idea]

Just take the breast part , now im gonna sitich darts so that cup shape is formed to fit the breast exactly. Now stitch a small dart on the armhole and the main dart straight to the shoulder. Stitch darts on both sides of the front piece, you can also stitch darts on the back piece. A small dart straight to the shoulder is enough. When you stitch darts on the front piece don’t bring the darts closer so that you don’t get a cone shape.Stitch darts of length 2 inch so that you get a u shape.

Next join the shoulders, stitch the sleeve and then stitch the neck. It will be fine if you give cross piece to neck. After you finish the breast part join it with the bottom part. Fold and stitch the bottoms and sides.

This is the salwar matching to the above one. I’ve stitched a normal salwar with some gatherings so that the hip part is comfortable.