In today's world the garment industry has grown very well. The sewing machine has taken a major part of life in every human being. In early days sewing machine was manufactured only in some countries but now most of the countries manufacture their own sewing machine with well experienced people.

Its happy to see each home owning their own sewing machine. From this we can see the importance given to sewing field. Everyone knows that the sewing industry is the appropriate field for a person to start a small scale business.

Sew denotes a women. Sewing industry is very well appropriate for a women to work. Nowdays there lots of institution who teach the pattern work and the sewing work. There are also lots of universities which offer degree courses for sewing and fashion field. Women use these opportunities and stitch their own cloths. The art of sewing which has grown to such an extend is a great success to the sewing industry.

Now let me list down the needles that are used in sewing machine.
  • Cst 3 = canvass cloth
  • c4,5 = cloths with plastic coating
  • Mc 6 = woolen, Terrin, Terrin cotton
  • M 7 = silk cloths
  • MF 8 = Vayil cloths
  • F9 = Polyester

  • Cst = coarset
  • C = coarse
  • Mc = Medium coarse
  • M = Medium
  • MF = Medium Fine
  • F = Fine
Sewing machine have taken a lot of development and enhancements . The sewing machine have become an friendly machine to most of the women.

Kaza , Hemming , Botton attachment have all inserted in the sewing machine. The users find it very easy to use the sewing machine. Today's village , rural womens can start up a small scale industry using two or three sewing machine. This field is very well appropriate for these people and it helps them to develop themselve quickly.

The glooming sewing machines have made the garment industry easier for them to stitch the readymade dresses. Lots of garment industries are started day by day and many people are depended on it which increases a lot of production. The fashion field is glooming day by day and many young minds are involving in it.