Women who know stitching can make use of it to earn revenue. These people should have sound knowledge of the stitching methods. The art of stitching profectly to the Body shape is required. So one should train themselves to stitch perfectly and should have a very good understanding of all the stitching methods. Tailor should have a compelete understanding of how to measure

The dress have to be stitched exactly according to the measurement and it should fit the human body finely. The fundamental structure of the human body is the Skeleton. This is called the primary structure of human anatomy. The Body around the skeleton is called secondary structure of human anatomy.

The human body is divided into 4 parts.

The joins are of three types
Gliding joint
Ball And socket joint
Hinge joint

The spinal cord from the back neck looks like a chain . The spinal cord starts from the back neck and ends till the hip like a chain


The human body’s head is considered as the fundamental to divide the human body into eight heads or the eight head policy is developed from the shape of the human body .

Let ‘s now see the eight head policy, they are as follows
Leg bottom

Thus the head plays a major role in the women’s body to create the eight Head policy. The measurement from the forehead to the back neck(where the spinal cord starts) have to be taken. Based on this measurement the whole body is divided into eight parts.

Leg structure is of three types.
Normal leg structure
Close leg structure
Open leg structure

The womens leg can be divided based on their leg structure
Normal leg
Close leg
Open leg


The womens thighs are based on the hip measurement. Women who have fleshy thighs will have different size, the body shape will vary. According the the body shape women with fleshy thighs are called close legs.


Women who don’t have equal measurements in their waist and hip parts are discussed here. Womens hip part according to the equal measurement of human body should have ten inch difference with the waist measurement. If the womens hip part is more than ten inch difference with the waist part then there’s lot of flesh in the hip part.

Hip part is of three parts

Normal hip measure: there should be ten inch variation for the waist and hip measurement
Flat hip measure : the waist and hip part have six to eight inch variation
Stooping hip measure : The hip and waist have 11 to 13 inch variation.

NOTE: according to the equal human measurement , the waist part of womens body is smaller than the hip part.
correctly and stitch perfectly.