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In the above diagram you can see coloured markings, these are called darts. You sew darts to get the desirable shape of the body. Darts are mostly used in women’s breast part to get the exact shape.

  1. In the above diagram A is the cloth where we gonna stitch dart. Fold the cloth at the point E (like closing a note).
  2. Next the cloth will look like the diagram B , now see the line CO , that’s the line where you have to put stitches. That’s it . This is called dart. By stitching the CO line you are hiding a small part of cloth so that a U shape can be formed.
  3. Next unfold the cloth , now you can see a U shape where you can fit your breast exactly.

Darts can be stitched in the armhole , opposite to the shoulder. If you don’t stitch darts then you cannot get the cone or U shape to fit your breast.

In the blouse below the cone shape is formed using darts.


  1. Hi, You are great in your explanation I would like to know the sewing method whereby the sleeve part is stitched in such a way that it doesnot pinch the armpit will you please post about this matter thanks

  2. I saw and read the entire blouse cutting and stitching but m sorry to say that the method of marking darts is there but the measurement for the darts and calculations are not mentioned anywhere in the whole pattern. It would be great if you could explain how to mark darts on the saree blouse.
    Thank you,

    Rgards Chhaya (

  3. Sorry in my previous comment there is some error in my mail ID. And the correct one is :

  4. As you mentioned darts are mainly to give shape to the body, but each one has a different body structure, so on what basis or calculations darts are marked?

    1. how do dart stitches look like

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  6. Plz give d bra cut blouse to cut n stitch.i think it wud b vry hlpful for every1 who r interested n sewing their own cloth like me.

  7. Really this blog is very very useful. But i have some doubt in measurement of darts. How to measure for left and right darts

  8. need the measurement of darts

  9. how to measure for left n right darts n how to close the darts to make cattori shape blowse