This is a pant with some gatherings near the foot. This is also known as gathering pant. This pant has long thin legs so that you can make gatherings near the feet. I've used a sample pant to sew it.
The above figure is the stitching pattern for this pant. You have to cut the a-b part and b-e part seperately and finally attach them together. In the picture below i've cut the b-e part first. As the cloth is not so long we have to cut the b-e part first then in the remaining cloth we have to cut the a-b part.

Now fold the cloth breadthwise then lengthwise and then place the sample pant on top of it like shown in the above picture. You can notice i have marked the outline using marking chalk. Next cut along the marking chalk like the one below.

Next unfold the cloth you'll get seperate two legs. Stitch the sides and join them together.
Next in the remaining cloth we have to cut the a-b part.

In the pattern the b-d part is longer than the b-g part so we have to keep gatherings in the b-d part and make it to the equal length of b-g part( refer pattern). Thats wat i have done and made both joining parts of equal diameter. You can see some gatherings in the b-d part. These gatherings will come around the hip so that the cloth will comfortably fit your hip.

Next you can join them. Leave a small loop in the a-c part to pass the thread. After joining the pant is completed.