Neck is an important part of the dress. The way you sew the neck shows u how far your good in sewing. A neat finishing of the neck gives you a complete dress. There are lots of method to sew neck(another method is crosspiece). The method below is one of its kind.

Always a separate cloth should be attached to sew neck. In the diagram below the light cream colour cloth with stripes is the main cloth where you have to sew neck. As the main cloth is transparent i've attached another orange colour cloth(lining material). It also gives thickness so that the dress will work for a long time.

Now im going to sew neck with the lining material. If your going to sew neck only with the main cloth then take a small square shaped cloth. Now cut either the main cloth or lining cloth in the shape of neck u want. In the image above i've cut only the neck of the lining cloth. To the front view of the main cloth sew the lining cloth . Remember first put stitches along the shoulders then along the shape of the neck carefully as shown in the image.

Next cut the neck of the main cloth along the shape of the neck. Now as the lining cloth is on top of the main cloth , you have turn the lining cloth to the other end so that the main part is visible.

In the above image i've turned the lining cloth and im putting stitches on top of the neck. Slowly and carefully put sitches on top of the neck and then finaly u'll finish the neck like the one below.