Cloths are the basic part of sewing. Sewers should know the varieties of cloth exist. Below the types of cloths and their qualities are discussed. Cloths are of three types

  • vegetable fibre
  • animal fibre
  • synthetic fibre
Vegetable fibres are got through natural ways i.e., plants and trees. Cotton is a very good example of this type. Lots of people use cotton day to day which is available in rates of all range.

Animal fibre- woolen,leather can be used as animal fibre. The basic source is animal. Anima skins are used to prepare cloths. Some insects are used to produce silk threads. Woolen is of three types.

  • carpet wool
  • Kasmir wool
  • goat fibre
Carpet wool is taken from sheeps. These kinds are used to produce carpets that are used for various purpose.
Kasmir wool is very soft. It is produced from the kashmir sheeps. These wool are very famous for their softness and shine.
Goat fibre is taken from the angora goat. This is of two types

  • wool
  • worsted wool
Synthetic fibre are prepared by artificial means. Today synthetic fibre has taken a very good place in the field of market. Many people use synthetic fibre.