A cuttori blouse is slightly different from the normal saree blouse. Cuttori blouses are used normally to mingle two colours in the front part. Now i will teach the pattern for the cuttori blouse.

First step is to learn the normal blouse if else you'll find it difficult so take a look at the sari blouse post. Only one step modification is made in the cuttori blouse compared to the normal blouse. Now draw the pattern for a normal blouse. The small cut is for neck and the long cut is for armhole.

From the shoulder measure 12 inch and draw a straight line . In the above image you can see the red line at a distance of 12 inch. Next mark 1/2 inch above on both ends of red line and below center of red line. Next draw a curve over the red line, i've used the blue pen to draw the curve.

Next cut along the blue curve. This the procedure of the normal blouse. Next for the cuttori blouse you have to draw one more curve and cut it like the image below. This is their difference.

From the neck take a curve to the blue line curve. You can see the red curve i've drawn. Thats the only difference in cuttori blouse.

Next cut along the red curve and only one main dart is sewed in that part. You can see a triangle shape thats the place where you have to sew dart. You can use a contrast colour or the same colour. Have a perfect pattern which helps you to cut the cloth correctly.

After sewing the dart stitch them together so that agains comes back to the shape of normal blouse. Then attach the patti part and finish the whole blouse. Best of luck.