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How to cut and sew a armhole

Armhole is a very typical area where a perfect pattern and measurements help you to sew your sleeve perfectly.

If you find any difficulty in the armhole area, let me give you a detail description. In the above diagram
(measurements in inch)

  • C-D = chest loose= (chest/4)+1.5"

  • A-F = neck breadth=(chest/12)+.5"

  • F-E = shoulder breadth= 2.5 or 3.5 inches

  • E-E' =armhole length (join E to E')
Then draw two curves at the distance of one and two inches as shown in the pattern. First you need to mark chest loose then mark the neck breadth and the shoulder breadth , next mark a straight line from E to the chest loose line(CD) i.e E-E' , that gives you the armhole length and E'-D is armhole breadth.

Next thing is that you have to draw two curves at a distance of one inch and two inch. The outer curve is at a distance of two inch and thats the mark where you have to cut for the back part of the blouse. The inner curve which is at a distance of one inch is the mark for the front part and you have to cut the armhole at the inner curve. This is how you have to cut the armhole. I hope it helps you  get a better understanding.

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  1. Dear Thaznim,

    It is great to see yr wbst. Tailoring is my hobby and i saw the pattern for katori blouse. Well this pattern is for one pc katori. where as there is 3 pcs katori blouse. i would b happy if u cud post the paper pattern with measurement for 38" chest.

    u r doing a great job at this age and i wish all success for yr future endeavours.


  2. Thanks for the tips and the guidance here.learning stitching like this does not seem too difficult.It is nice when you can stitch up your own dresses really.

  3. Hi Thaznim, Could you help me on how to stitch blouse without shapes...i guess that's called as prince cut...And also lengthy blouses for any transparent sarees..

    Thanks in advance,

  4. hi Thaznim,

    I've been wanting to learn sewing for years now but it was impossible. yet in my quest to learn i used to take out the stitches of a good dress trace the cutting and stitch some of my dresses. I was so happy when i came across your site. I hope I will be able to cut and sew like you do some day. But for now I would request you to provide me with drawing instructions for measurements - where exactly they r taken esp the following.

    half shoulder measurement and hand measurement

    It would b great if you had videos too.

    Thank you

  5. thanks anita. You can take ur own sample sleeves and use them for measurements. Just keep it on the cloth and mark the edges and cut them. This way u'll learn sewing.

  6. hi

    Thanks so much for all this help! bcoz of u i have been able to stitch frocks for my niece and gift them on her bday :) i always wanted to learn stitching ...thanks so much for making it possible.

  7. hi thaznim,

    your projects are creative.

    me too like to know how to sew princess cut blouse. can you guide us?

  8. sorry for insisting again. i am eagerly waiting for the princess line blouse. pls reply

  9. I saw and read the entire blouse cutting and stitching but m sorry to say that the method of marking darts is there but the measurement for the darts and calculations are not mentioned anywhere in the whole pattern. It would be great if you could explain how to mark darts on the saree blouse.
    Thank you,

    Rgards Chhaya (

  10. Dear friend,
    Your's is a very good work.
    Is this armhole cutting applicable for ladies kurta also ?

  11. hi thaznim,
    i am so excited after viewing this website.i always wish if i could sew perfect clothes which is my hobby. but i dont have any institute fromm where i can learn perfectly. but iam glad that now i can achieve much by ur help. it would be great if u can plz help me in attaching sleeve and neck neatly.

  12. I am a novice and have been told that I need to cut the shoulder of the back higher than the front and that the front of the dress must be cut wider than the back, say about an inch. This to guarantee a good fit.

    Please explain if myth or reality?

  13. what is the measurement of E-E'. I mean how much i go down to make arm hole of kurta from shoulder (a-c)

  14. Yes, I too have the same question. How do you measure armhole length - the E-E' length or the A-c length. I have a sample kurta for measurement. or how do we take the body measurement for the armhole. Does a variation in armhole measurement cause wrinkles in the Kurta?
    What should the sleeve width be ?

  15. Can u please give details on how to make a simple dress. Thanks 4 d explanation on how to cut a armhole.

  16. Hi Thaznim,
    I want to purchase sewing machine. Please kindly recommend me best sewing machine for all purpose.Thank you...!

  17. Hi recently I joined tailoring class, I am not able to finish the sleeve easily please give me some tips

  18. hi can u tell me da measurement of 1 yr babys shalwar kameez plzzz

  19. hi
    iam from Canada
    interesting your website can you tell me armhole (from shoulder how much length and when starting curve)how to take armhole length

    1. Thank you for you feedback. iam still cofused of stitching armhole. anyway thank you thank you so much.

  20. hi tanzim
    can you tell what will be the lenght of A-C?

  21. Hi Thaznim

    Can you give some idea about how to cut sleeves after cutting the arm holes? I mean how to take the measurement of sleeves to fit that in the arm hole.

  22. hi i want to know the pattren of princes cut blouse

  23. please tell me the measurement for a A- C

  24. hi i wanted to ask can you use french curve for cutting arm hole.

  25. Dear madam, I have a question. What is the length between A and C? And how do you get the length between E and E'?

    Please reply.

    Thank you.

  26. hai..... thank u 4 ur i can sew my salwar by myself

  27. Hi Thaznim

    The instructions given by you are very clear and helpful to me because I always screw up my armhole part. ):
    I have a quick question here that, Does the AC=EE' measurement includes 1/2" on the top for joining seams? Please help me on that.