How to cut and sew a armhole

Armhole is a very typical area where a perfect pattern and measurements help you to sew your sleeve perfectly.

If you find any difficulty in the armhole area, let me give you a detail description. In the above diagram
(measurements in inch)

  • C-D = chest loose= (chest/4)+1.5"

  • A-F = neck breadth=(chest/12)+.5"

  • F-E = shoulder breadth= 2.5 or 3.5 inches

  • E-E' =armhole length (join E to E')
Then draw two curves at the distance of one and two inches as shown in the pattern. First you need to mark chest loose then mark the neck breadth and the shoulder breadth , next mark a straight line from E to the chest loose line(CD) i.e E-E' , that gives you the armhole length and E'-D is armhole breadth.

Next thing is that you have to draw two curves at a distance of one inch and two inch. The outer curve is at a distance of two inch and thats the mark where you have to cut for the back part of the blouse. The inner curve which is at a distance of one inch is the mark for the front part and you have to cut the armhole at the inner curve. This is how you have to cut the armhole. I hope it helps you  get a better understanding.

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