Hi guys, this is an anarkali model churidar which i sewed recently. Let me explain u the model. Its a kinda churidar in which the top is a combination of a princess blouse and a umbrella skirt. Ive already discussed them seperately, plz check them for verification. 

The blouse is similar to the sari blouse model but i didnt use the patti part (it depends, if u wish u can for the stiffness around the lower breast)

Ive used 2 types of cloth one is a dark brown cloth for the breast(1m) and pant(2m) another one is the light cotton material(5m) for the umbrella part and the sleeves.

Ok the above picture is the breast part in which front and the back sides are cut and i have sewed 2 darts on either side of the front part one is opposite shoulders and other is on the armhole. Then join the shoulders.
 Fine now lets come to the umbrella part, First u need to decide the lenght of the umbrella part. Mine is
  • breast length      = 13" (" --> inch)
  • umbrella length = 30" + 5" for waist
plz check how to sew a umbrella frock , so for this u need to have a square shaped cloth(all sides equal length) and u have to fold it twice as in the above pic. As u are folding the cloth twice, the full size should be 70 inches length and breadth[(30+5)*2] . 

U'll not get material of the same length and breadth so u need to cut the cloth and attach them according to the size. It will be best if u prepare a pattern first.

So the above is the umbrella bottom , i have used 5 inches for the waist and 30 inches for the length *(total length of the cloth is the twice of it i.e, 70 inch) next draw the semicircle at a distance of 5th inch and 35th inch and then cut them.

Now unfold the cloth u'll get an beautiful umbrella shape and make sure the joining of both parts are of equal size and then attach them as shown below....

Then finally attacth sleeves and finish the neck part using cross pieceOkay so i hope i look nice in my new anarkali salwar. 

I spent Rs.750 and took a day to sew it. If ur trying it for the first time, plz start with a pattern else for sure u'll make mistake. Hope u enjoyed my tutor. bye guys...